At we take pride in the quality of all our tutors. To maintain such a high standard of teaching on the platform we have strict requirements for tutors to be accepted on the platform and all tutors are subject to a strict verification process.

For a tutor to be able to publish a course on they must have got a minimum of a H1 in the Leaving Cert in that particular subject/be currently studying that subject in university/graduated with a degree in that subject/ be a professional teacher. All tutors are ID verified and their education is also verified by our team. 

However, if you ever have any concerns, feel free to sit in on one of the sessions or replay the session as we record all the grind sessions for later review. If you feel dissatisfied with the level of tutoring your child is getting please e-mail within a week of the session taking place so we can take a look and offer a refund if there is a lapse in quality.